Arbitration is considered as one of the most potent dispute resolution options across the world and Cygal Attorneys excels in resolving such disputes through Arbitration. Both, in institutional as well as Adhoc Arbitration, our lawyers have shown their expertise across a wide array of industries. Apart from UAE, we provide the Arbitration service for both corporate and commercial clients in India, Singapore and United Kingdom.

Why will you choose Cygal Attorneys in UAE for your Arbitration cases? Here are the top 5 reasons:

  1. Experienced, professional, right skill set and deep sector knowledge:

In addition to the ability or skillset to provide the perfect legal advice in domestic as well as international arbitrationCygal Attorneys have deep sector knowledge which enables the firm to provide strategic advice to the clients right from the pre-dispute stage. That can save a lot of cost and time for the Clients in the process of arbitration which otherwise is lengthier and costlier.

  1. Lawyer-preneurs at Cygal Attorneys are more client-centered:

Once you have started engaging with your partner in the firm, you will always get the individualized attention and easy access to the partner unlike other firms where your arbitration cases are more often shoved to junior associates and you are left communicating with secretaries for updates.

  1. Cygal Attorneys can understand your business insights better in order to provide pragmatic legal advice:

Having been promoted by lawyer-preneurs who has cumulative experience of more than 40 years in both practice and in-house counseling, and with degrees of both law and management, you will find the receptiveness and understanding of your business insights to be much richer than others which is one of the key factors for handling Arbitration matters and providing pragmatic legal advice. Clients are always advised to research about the partners’ credentials before engaging them.

  1. Cygal Attorneys can save you thousands of dollars from costly hourly billing rates:

Lawyer-preneurs at Cygal Attorneys have more flexibility in charging for your legal matter and would not find ways to make money off their client due to their personal stake involved as the owner of the Firm unlike lawyers employed in the bigger firm who are pressured for billable hour requirements. Cygal Attorneys do charge flat rates and capped fees even for Arbitration matters – as they understand the pain of their Clients of getting surprise invoices that can take your hard earned money from your pocket.

  1. Cygal Attorneys have multi-jurisdictional associates in all major arbitration centers across the globe:

    Cygal Attorneys have cross-border teams of associates that has represented a wide array of clients in various arbitration institutions, including but not limited to the International Chamber of Commerce, the International Centre for Dispute Resolution, Dubai International Arbitration Centre, the Singapore International Arbitration Centre and many regional arbitration institutions under different governing laws. It works closely with associates under civil law, common law, international treaties etc. in major arbitration centers across the globe. All lawyers are deft adequately in advising with post Arbitration litigation which includes judicial review and enforcement.